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Mid-Atlantic states, Old South

Neighboring states

Maryland, North Caroline, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia


8.33 million (12.)


110.785 kmē (35.)


Richmond (East, population 217,900)

Largest city

Virginia Beach (Southeast, population 448,500)

Other cities

Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, Alexandria, Hampton, Roanoke

Postal abbreviation



Old Dominion

Union member since

June 25, 1788 (10.)

It was one of the ten founding members of the United States, it’s the home of eight US Presidents and with the General Assembly founded in 1616, it has the oldest legislature of the Western world. Virginia, that’s a good part of US history, having been the location of the first English-language colony in the New World, but at the same time, the state presents itself as a modern, versatile and appealing place.

Virginia’s capital Richmond was the Confederate capital in the times of the Civil War. Richmond and other historic Virginia towns like Williamsburg or Jamestown today draw many visitors interested in history. Others come because of the beaches of Chesapeake Bay or the peaks and forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Northern Virginia borders Washington DC and is the seat of the CIA, the Pentagon and a number of other important institutions. This region is among the most affluent of the USA.

Next to government employment, Virginia has many jobs in the technology and IT industries. About one fourth of the state’s total area is used for agriculture, producing soy beans, tobacco, and peanuts, among others. Virginia is also famous fpr its many renowned colleges and universities.

In the census of 2010, Virginia’s population passed the mark of 8 million fir the first time in history - only 50 years before, the state had had less than half as many residents. Today, some 65% of the population are Whites, almost 20% are Blacks and about 8% are Hispanics.



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