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Many writers count San Francisco among the most beautiful cities on the planet. The city’s magnificent location, nestled between the bay of the Pacific Ocean bearing the city’s name  and the fertile lands of the Central Valley with its beautiful vineyards has contributed to this assessment just as much as the world famous attractions and the colorful, open atmosphere that kindles the spirit of this town. San Francisco has a reputation as being one of the most liberal cities of the country and in that regard, ot has played a significant role in America’s history. It is one of the most popular destinations for international visitors traveling to the USA.


California’s mid-Pacific coast



Metro population



601 kmē

Population density

7,124 / kmē

Founding date

April 16, 1850


City by the Bay


Los Angeles 615 kilometers, Sacramento 141 kilometers, San Jose 77 kilometers


Edwin M. Lee, since 2011


San Francisco


CA San Francisco Golden Gate


CA San Francisco Cable Car

Trailing only New York City, San Francisco has the second-highest population density among US cities. Meanwhile, it has lost the position of being California’s third-largest city to neighboring San Jose, with both towns together now forming a metropolitan area with a population of more than 7 million people. By now, Whites have become a minority among the population. 14% of residents are of Latin American heritage, more than 30% are Asians - Chinese alone make up about one fifth of the population.  More than 35% of the inhabitants were not born in the USA. In addition to these facts, some 15% of the population have declared themselves to be homosexual, that’s the highest rate for any American city.

Sometimes called the “Paris of the West”, the city boasts a rich cultural scene nourished from many sources and having established here since many decades ago.  Together with a broad range of leisure opportunities and an abundance of world-famous attractions, it fuels a strong tourism industry that’s serving more than 15 million annual visitors. In addition the finance industry has a strong position in San Francisco. More than 80% of companies registered in town have fewer than 10 employees - an indicator of the entrepreneurial spirit that marks the city and attracts many startup companies, including those that only a few years ago first tried their luck in neighboring Silicon Valley. 

The image of San Francisco is marked by many hills, steep streets and plenty of city districts conserving their own, proper identity. The city is famous for possessing many examples of Victorian architecture and for Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which encompasses a large part of the city’s parks and urban gardens. The picture gets completed by a comparatively cool clomate in the summer and mild, wet winters. By virtue of the cooler air coming in from the ocean and the warmer layers that get pooled in Central California there are often wafts of mist in the summer that have become somewhat characteristic for San Francisco. 




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