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The cultural history of the USA is closely tied to the automobile. The USA is a country that you just have to experience by car. Of course, distances are far too big to make a convincing case for car travel in the 21st century - Texas alone is roughly the size of France - but you can’t meet the people in the Great Plains, can’t experience the old-style diners in the South and you can’t see the amazing landscapes of the Southwest from a plane. To discover the authentic America means sitting behind the wheel and hearing the asphalt under the tyres.

By that, we don’t talk about the perpetually jammed twelve-lane freeways in the Dallas, Los Angeles or New York City areas, instead about those roads that fans of the country refer to as dream-roads. There are endless, straight-as-a-dart roads where you rarely see other cars; there are winding roads that climb and fall again and that offer a new, breathtaking view behind each curve and there entirely unremarkable roads that let the driver plunge into the most amazing sceneries. The old Route 66 or the trans-continental Lincoln Highway belong to these roads, because they embody America and because they can offer a cross-section of the many facets of the USA. Other roads do not yet possess this mythic status, but travelers will favor them no less.

Here are some of the most beautiful roads of the USA and what can be discovered left and right of the driving lanes:

Along the East Coast from Florida to Maine

US Route 1


The Mother Road from the Midwest to the Pacific Coast

Route 66


The Pacific Coast Highway along California’s coast

California State Route 1


At the Mississippi River from Canada to the Gulf

Great River Road


Over the Million Dollar Highway through Colorado

US Route 550


Journey into the past: The first trans-continental connection

Lincoln Highway



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