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Oregon Sand Dunes


Columbia River Gorge


































Northwestern USA, Pacific Coast

Neighboring states

Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California


3.97 million (27.)


255,026 kmē (9.)


Salem (Northwest, population 160,600)

Largest city

Portland (Northwest, population 609,500)

Other cities

Eugene, Gresham, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Bend, Medford

Postal abbreviation



Beaver State

Unions member since

February 14, 1859 (33.)

Oregon has recently started to gain an individual profile as a travel destination on the international market. This happens regardless of the fact that Oregon has long ago grown beyond the status as insider tip and has plenty of good arguments to convince tourists with a wide range of options. Especially in terms of scenery and landscapes, the state with the comparatively young history has a lot to offer, starting with the fascinating Pacific Coastline and going over the deepest lake of the USA and wide, extended forest areas all the way to mountainous areas with snow-capped summits. Also, Oregon has a vast and eclectic urban area with Greater Portland, which has however managed to retain an inviting, pleasant atmosphere.

Oregon’s economy is based on tourism as well as on agriculture and forestry. The state produces nuts and wine in significant quantities. In recent years, a number of companies from the IT and technology industries have found a home in Oregon. The largest company headquartered in the state is sportings goods manufacturer Nike.

The Beaver State’s population numbers have been growing constantly for many years. Some 9% of residents were born outside of the country and about 40% of newborns belong to a minority group. Of these, currently some 12% are Hispanics and 4% are of Asian heritage. With a percentage of more than 22%, most of the residents with European roots trace their family history to Germany. 



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