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About us

impressum is the English-language version of the German website As such, all content published here has previously been published on and is being mirrored here for the benefit of our non-German speaking audience.

Americanet is a comprehensive website with travel information for the United States of America. In addition, it features countless additional editorial contents dealing with various issues beyond the scope of tourism. The website has been online since 1998 and has grown to be one of the premier German-language online resources for all things American and is a publication of Americanet Travel Marketing, which operates these websites in addition to

American Ranch Guide
Arizona Magazine
Texas Magazine
Postcards from Florida
Experience Germany

For readers, we offer unbiased, hand-written and thoroughly researched content which can not be found anywhere else. We pride ourselves in creating all contents on our own and we strive to keep all information updated as well as possible. In case you find any information to be inaccurate or if you have any other questions regarding any of our web publications, please contact us.

For advertisers, our network of websites offers excellent campaign opportunities to target both German and English speaking audiences worldwide. With an average of more than 50,000 unique monthly visitors, we offer very well established and trusted websites which rank highly in search engines for major keywords and which are linked to from many other respected websites. Thanks to our continued focus on travel and tourism, we have a highly targeted audience, enabling effective campaigning without waste circulation. Please contact us to inquire about possible advertising ideas.



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