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Upper South

Neighboring states

West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio


4.44 million (26.)


104.700 kmē (37.)


Frankfort (North, population 25,500)

Largest city

Louisville (North, population 612,800)

Other cities

Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro

Postal abbreviation



Bluegrass State

Unions member since

June 01, 1792 (15.)

Elegant horses, wide plains of “blue” meadows, bourbon and plenty of natural attractions, these are just a few of the ingredients that have aided Kentucky in making a name for itself. A mild, moderate climate all year round, more than 140,000 kilometers of waterways and rivers and no less than 45 State Parks make sure that visitors to the Bluegrass State have a lot of reasons to enjoy themselves.

Thanks to the fertile grounds, Kentucky is a state of farms and agriculture. Next to those, automotive manufacturing is significant for the economy; several models by a number of different makes are being manufactured in Kentucky. But of no less importance are Kentucky’s famed products tobacco and Bourbon Whiskey, which are well known far beyond the American borders. Ever since Kentucky has joined the Union as the 15th US state in 1792, its population has grown steadily. In 1860, the one million residents mark was surpassed for the first time, then there were already two million in 1900 and in 1960, three million.

From a cultural perspective, Kentucky brings together impacts from the Old South as well as some from the Midwest. Louisville is home to a number of high-caliber events including the famous Kentucky Derby horse race, while the traditional music styles of Country and Bluegrass are derived from heritage in rural areas. 



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