New York City




Long Island:        
Not far away deom the hectic center of Manhattans and easily reachable by train from Grand Central Station, Long Island in a few places even has something like a rural feeling to it. But mostlly it attracts New Yorkers with its many beaches and its Golf and Resort Clubs. Furthermore, Long Island has small fishing villages, outstanding restaurants and even vineyards. The summer cottages of the more affluent city inhabitants can primarily be found in the Hamptons, the region around Southampton and East Hampton in the East of the island.
From Times Square to East Hampton approx. 100 miles.

Fire Island National Seashore:
The island, some 48 kilometres long, is located in front of Long Island and mostly consists of protected areas. Apart from that, there are some smaller communities which are not accessible to the public. There are opportunities for swimming and boat tours as well as for hiking and nature watching, partly offered in guided tours.
From Times Square to Patchogue approx. 60 miles.
Link: Fire Island Informationsseite des National Park Service

Niagara Falls:
The famous waterfalls at the Canadian border are the classic excursion destination for New York City. From the town of the same name, located on the US side, boat tours are offered to the falls. The best view however can be had from a platform on the Canadian side. On the part that belongs to the State of New York, Niagara Falls are surrounded by a State Park, in which a few hiking paths can be found.
From Times Square to Niagara Falls approx. 410 miles

Hudson River Valley:
The great scenery of the Hudson River Valley north of New York City forms a strong contrast to the urban life of Manhattan. The forests along the river invite visitors to hike and ride their bikes. In addition there are a number of sights, for example the famous West Point military academy or the Franklin D. Roosevelt Historic Site north of Poughkeepsie. Thanks to various options for returns, a tour along Hudson River can be planned variably, for a more extensive excursion several days should be scheduled.
From Times Square to Poughkeepsie approx. 82 miles.

Finger Lakes: 
The area surrounding the eleven lakes in the north of New York State is a popular vacation destination and the second-largest American wine-growing area behind the Californian Napa Valley. Apart from vine, a number of other agricultural products are being cultivated here. At the shores of the narrow, longish lakes there are villages and towns with a partly touristy character, several opportunities for sports in and at the water as well as a few sights.
From Times Square to Ithaca approx. 225 miles



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