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Award ceremonies

Academy Awards

Since 2001, the Oscars, arguably the most famous and most significant movie industry award of the world are handed out at the Kodak Theatre. The award ceremony takes place annually in February or early March. Kodak Theatre is located in Hollywood, Address: 6801 Hollywood Blvd.


Emmy Awards

The Emmy award is usually regarded as being the Oscar for TV productions. It is awarded in various categories by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. For the categories, there are several award events. The awards in the most important section, the Primetime Emmys, are celebrated  each September at the Nokia Theatre. Address: 777 Chick Hearn Court


Grammy Awards

The Grammys are annually awarded for outstanding achievements in the music industry. The awards ceremony is held in January at alternating locations, for example at the Nokia Theatre or at Staples Center on South Figueroa Street.


Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globes are awards given out annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the TV and movie industries. The ceremony also takes place in January and is usually hosted by the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Address: 9876 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills


American Music Awards

In contrast to the Grammys, the American Music Awards are not determined by a jury decision but based on the popularity of the artist. The award ceremony takes place in varying locations in Greater Los Angeles every year in November.


Screen Actors Guild Awards

An award handed out by the association of movie actors, usually considered to have a more audience-friendly approach than the Oscars. The ceremony is held in January or February, usually at the Shrine Auditorium. Address: 665 W. Jefferson Blvd.


People’s Choice Awards

Also in January and also at varying locations, the Nokia Theatre or the Shrine Auditorium for example, the People’s Choice Awards for music, movie and TV are presented. The award winners are exclusively determined by audience votes.



In the uppermost league for Basketball in the US, the NBA, the city is represented by two teams. The season begins annually in November and lasts until the playoffs in April, bringing more than 40 home games to all teams.
The Los Angeles Lakers are among the most successful teams of the league with 16 national titles won so far. The Los Angeles Clippers, founded in 1970, used to have their home base in San Diego and until now have had considerably less notable seasons. Both teams, as well as the women’s basketball team of the Los Angeles Sparks, play their home games in front of up to 19,000 fans at Staples Center, South Figueroa Street.



Active in the National Hockey League is the team of the Los Angeles Kings, founded in 1966 and originally at home in the suburb of Inglewood.Since 1990, the team is also at home at Staples Center. Hockey season is from October through April.



In the characteristically American game of baseball, the city is represented in the highest league MLB by the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodger’s history goes back to 1883, yet the team was originally founded in New York, where it was at home until 1957. In its division, the team is rather successful but has yet to bring a national title home to Los Angeles. Their home arena is Dodger Stadium with a capacity for 56,000 fans, located at Elysian Park Avenue.   
The Los Angeles Angels, also playing in the MLB, have their home base regardless of their name in nearby Anaheim.



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