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Las Vegas Travel Tips

Getting there

In cases where a direct flight to Las Vegas is not an option, travelers may want to choose connections via Los Angeles, from where many daily shuttle flights in a dense schedule and they are coming in at low costs because of the stiff competition on this route. However domestic feeder flights are available from each US airport with intercontinental flights coming in.


It’s not necessary to rent a car if you intend to stay in the extended Strip area during your stay in town. There are plenty of buses and taxis and it is actually most recommendable to move along the Strip on foot. Additionally, there is the monorail travelling along the central part of the Strip over six kilometers between MGM Grand and the Sahara with various stops in between. If you want to take an excursion outside of Las Vegas, cars can be rented at the concierge desks of all hotels; because of the variety of offers available, a thorough comparison is recommended.


No matter what your main motive is to visit Las Vegas, choose one of the large resort hotels at the Strip. That will bring you right into the heart of things, lets you experience good service, facilities and fittings and also possibly gives you an edge to get tickets for the respective shows. The big-name hotels at the Strip are mostly in the upscale categories and offer services on a corresponding level, but they do so at significantly lower prices than in any US cities. The resorts mostly make their money from their casinos, thus hotel rooms can be offered at better rates than in other places. Nevertheless, comparing between the abundance of hotel booking engines and websites will often yield some good savings.


If you are not too concerned about receiving asvertising emails long after your stay, you should become a member of one of the bonus programs offered by casinos, e.g. Players Club of the MGM Mirage Group (lets users collect points in several casinos). By doing so, you will collect a few compensation dollars for extra gambling and you might even qualify for additional goodies such as free coupons for the hotel’s buffets or spa area. The usual rule applies here as well: The casinos are in strong competition for your gambling dollars - use that for your benefit.


It is highly recommended to make reservations well in advance, e.g. via the internet or a travel agency, especially as far as the newer and more popular shows are concerned. The best approach would be to make reservations at the same time that you make arrangements for accommodation. If you did not do that, you will find several brokers along the Strip where tickets are being sold, often those that have been returned by other buyers. However, be careful with dealers approaching you on the street.

Your stay

If at all possible, avoid the weekends, because that’s when room rates in all hotels rise considerably and the city can fill up quickly. Also, taking a look at the event calendar of the Las Vegas tourism office is helpful, the calendar in which trade fairs are listed. Las Vegas is one of the world’s most important locations for trade fairs and large-scale conferences. These regularly bring thousands of participants into town and thus sometimes make room rates rise quickly.


Never forget that Las Vegas is a city that’s located in the desert and the summer months feature corresponding temperatures. On more than 130 days per year on average, temperatures beyond 32 C are reached. However, keep the ever-present air conditions in mind, which often provide for extreme differences between inside and outside climate. Winters are cool, but temperatures rarely dip below 5 C. On average, there 300 days of sunshine per year and merely 29 days that bring precipitation.

Dress Code

Contrary to European casinos, there is almost no dress code in the main casino areas. Shorts are ok, but bikini tops are not. However, if you plan on visiting one of the better restaurants or if you intend to play in a high-roller gambling area, be prepared to bring garments with less leisurely appeal, in some of the most expensive hotels, even a tie is required in some of the restaurants. Also, many of the Nightclubs and Lounges in town will probably not grant you admission of you appear clad in your favorite soccer team’s jersey.


There are Wedding Chapels at every corner in Las Vegas, quite a few even conveniently located in hotels and, as un-romantic as it may sound, it pays to compare prices! To tie the knot, you will need a Marriage License, that’s available without complications in the Marriage Bureau (at a cost of about $ 60; the bureau, located at Clark Avenue, is open until midnight to accompany those late-night decisions) and those wanting to have the marriage officially recognized back home should contact the consulate to have it verified. Same-sex marriages are not legally possible in  Nevada at this time. For those feeling the need for support, there are a number of service providers who will take care of all formalities.



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