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Las Vegas is among America’s most popular travel destinations, but visitors who wish to see a little more of America apart from Las Vegas will have to leave the city, at least for a day. It helps that the gambling capital is located in a beautiful area and that a number of fascinating excursion destinations are not far from town. There are various operators in Las Vegas offering tours to attractions, for example by Jeep, by bus or by helicopter. Thanks to its location in the southwestern corner of Nevada, not only destinations in this state are within reach, but also those in neighboring Arizona or California.

Death Valley

The classic excursion destination for Las Vegas tourists. Death Valley lies in the border area between California and Nevada, some 270 kilometers from Las Vegas. Among the most popular attractions in Death Valley Nationalpark are Badwater, the deepest point of North America, the eccentric building Scotty’s Castle or Racetrack Playa with its curious, wandering rocks. Read on: Death Valley National Park


Grand Canyon

One of the most popular destinations for tourists and a world-famous, natural wonder -  Grand Canyon is about 440 kilometers away from Las Vegas. Those who find that to be too long to go by car will find many flight offers in town. Since 2007, a glass observation platform named Skywalk allows a breathtaking view down into the canyon.


Valley of Fire

In a distance of only some 120 kilometers from the capital of entertainment is the Valley of Fire State Park, which received its name from the glowing red sandstone that has formed many interesting geological formations here in the course of the centuries. Apart from these natural stone monuments, there are several places where Indian petroglyphs can be seen.


Chloride Mining Town

Crossing over the state borderline to Arizona leads to the old mining town of Chloride in a distance of about 140 kilometers, which is today almost a ghost town with only about 250 residents left. The population in the peak of  silver mining was around 5000.


Hoover Dam

Also a classic day trip destination for Las Vegas tourists. Formerly the largest concrete structure in the world, the dam impounds the Colorado River to create Lake Mead, a desert lake with many leisure opportunities. The energy generated here supplies large parts of the American Southwest including Las Vegas itself.


Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

A rather little-known excursion destination that can be reached over unpaved roads only a few miles from Las Vegas Boulevard, featuring a large number of Indian petroglyphs - more than 1700 drawings can be found. The surrounding area has a few of the characteristic rock formations the region is famous for, those can be explored via a network of hiking trails. The North McCullough Wilderness, located within the area, is a habitat for many animal species. Hiking and horseback riding are allowed here while biking is not. More information: Bureau of Land Management Sloan Canyon




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