Kings Canyon National Park

CA Kings Canyon General Grant Tree

Kings Canyon National Park is located in the Southeast of California and is directly bordering the adjacent Sequoia National Park, with which it is being administered together. The park with a total area of more than 187,000 hectares was opened in 1940 and receives about half a million annual visitors.

Kings Canyon National Park can generally be separated into two subdivisions. The most important visitor attraction is located a little off-path in the so-called General Grant Grove. There is the Redwood Mountain Grove there and next to it, General Grant Tree. With a height of 81 meters and a trunk diameter of almost 33 meters, this redwood tree is the second-tallest tree in the world. According to estimates, General Grant Tree is about 1650 years old.

In the other, decidedly larger section of the National Park, the source of the Kings River can be found. The river’s water has blazed its way through the granite rocks here, thus creating the Kings Canyon which lends the park ist name and which has developed through glaciation. Due to the fact that the surrounding area consists of a mountain range, with the highest peak being North Palisade with more than 4300 meters, the canyon is the deepest in the US.

Those sections of the National Park located at a higher altitude can only be reached by walking, but roads in the lower parts may also be shut down in winter. The park entry may be reached by using highway 180. Departing from Fresno, travelling to Kings Canyon National Park by car will take a little over an hour.

The park can be explored by car via scenic drives very much worth the trip. Those who want to get a little closer have the opportunity to join one of the guided excursions offered by the Park Rangers. Within the National Park, three Visitor Centers inform about these and other possibilities. There are a number of opportunities for camping in various places of the National Park, for some of which advance reservations are necessary. In addition, there is a lodge available for overnight stays in the park. Campers and RVs are allowed in Kings Canyon National Park as well and may also use some of the campgrounds. With all activities taking place outdoors, visitors should keep in mind that the park is a habitat for many animals, including black bears and various species of snakes.


More information on Kings Canyon National Park on National Park Service’s website.




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