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Although Beverly Hills is closely tied to the directy adjacent city of Los Angeles and although many people believe it is a part of the City of Angels, it is a city in its own right with its own administration and mayor. Apart from bordering Los Angeles, it is adjacent to the city of West Hollywood and the Santa Monica Mountains in the North. Beverly Hills is among the most expensive real estates markets of the USA; the average sales price for a home here is at over 2 million dollars. As a rule of thumb: The higher up in the hills a house is located, the higher the going rate is going to be. Together with Bel Air and Holmby Hills, both of which are parts of the city of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills forms the so-called Platinum Triangle of notably affluent residential areas.

Beverly Hills was incorporated as a city in October of 1906. In 1911, after the first movie studio had moved to Hollywood, construction works for the new  Beverly Hills Hotel began, then the first larger building project in the area. To this day, the hotel is considered the central point of the town. Soon after, a construction boom commenced, when a veritable colony of film and movie people was set up. From 1920 to 1925, population numbers grew from 670 to approximately 5000. Among the roughly 34,000 people living here today, there are a number of well-known representatives of the movie industry, but also from other industries.

Probably the best-known attraction of Beverly Hills is Rodeo Drive, one of the most famous and most exclusive shopping miles of the world. The shopping paradise was established in the 1970s. Here, almost exclusively high-priced Haute Couture can be bought. The same applies to the Via Rodeo, founded in 1990, a cobblestoned street seamed by expensive shops leading up to the Two Rodeo Drive shopping complex, where further boutiques and restaurants are located. Most travelers are interested in visiting this area, not at least in the hope of spotting a celebrity, so that city administration has recently upgraded the streets and the number of available parking spots.

Among further attractions is Beverly Gardens Park, a large public park along Santa Monica Boulevard opened in 1911. In 1931, the Electric Fountain was added, a fountain with alternating lights. Every other year, the park hosts an art trade fair. The Beverly Hills Hotel at Sunset Boulevard is something like the original core of the city and is still the major central point of Beverly Hills. The hotel has hosted countless celebrity guests over the years since its opening in 1912. The hotel’s large garden is worth seeing.

On the long list of Beverly Hills locations used to shoot movie scenes, Greystone Mansion ranks highly. The building, constructed in 1928 by the wealthy Doheny family in traditional English Tudor style is surrounded by well-kept, beautiful gardens. Since 1971, gardens and structures have been turned into a publicly accessible city park. Furthermore, it is used as a stage for theatre plays. Also known from one movie or another are the houses along Walden Street, a notably wide road. Here, one will find the Spadena House, also known as The Witch’s House, which has been constructed in 1921 and designed to look like it was old and in shambles. There are quite a number of providers offering tours of Beverly Hills, those will usually point out more structures that have been used in movies.




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