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HI Aliiolanihale

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Big Island Hawaii

Pearl Harbour


Haleakala National Park






























approx. 3700 kilometers southwest of California

Neighboring states



1.40 million (40.)


28.300 kmē (43.)


Honolulu (Oahu, population 390,700)

Largest city


Other cities

Kailua, Hilo, Pearl City, Kaneohe, Waipahu, Kihei, Lahaina

Postal code



The Aloha State

Union member since

1959 (50.)

Assessing this US state like any other must of course fall short. Hawaii once was a Kingdom, it has got its own language and an entirely different cultural heritage and not least, it is located some 3700 kilometers away from the rest of the country - roughly equivalent to the distance between New York City and Salt Lake City.

Hawaii is a natural paradise consisting of more than 130 islands with a unique flora and fauna that has for a long time been almost immune to any exterior impact. The islands are of volcanic origin and visitors will find plenty of opportunities to get insights into the beautiful nature and breathtaking landscapes, for example in the Hawaiian Volcanoes and Haleakala National Parks. The climate is tropically warm all year long, but always pleasant, even in the summer, thanks to the perpetual soft winds, adding to the popularity of Hawaii as a travel destination.

The islands were discovered in 1778 by James Cook - the legendary explorer also died in Hawaii - but remeined independent until 1898, although the Americans toppled the king from his throne as early as 1893. In 1944, the attack on the Hawaiian port of Pearl Harbor forced the large-scale US entry into World War II.  

Hawaii primarily thrives on tourism revenues, on military institutions (some 75,000 US servicemen and women are stationed here) and on agriculture; among others, coffee, pineapples and sugar cane are grown on the islands. Almost 40% of the population are of Asian heritage, some 24% are Whites and roughly 10% identify as Hawaiian native people. Close to one fourth of the inhabitants have more than one race in their ancestry. With an average of 79.8 years, Hawaiians have the highest life expectancy of all US citizens. 



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