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New Haven

































Northeastern USA, Atlantic Coast

Neighboring states

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York


3.60 Million (29.)


14,357 kmē (48.)


Hartford (Central, population 124,900)

Largest city

Bridgeport (Northwest, population 147,200)

Other cities

New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury

Postal abbreviation



The Constitution State

Unions member since

January 9, 1788 (5.)

Connecticut is a great example of the region called New England in the northeasternmost part of the USA. In the early 17th century, the first colonies founded by European settlers were set up here and thus the state, one of the 13 founding members of the United States, is one of the initial cells from which the rest of the country was explored, conquered and settled.

Connecticut today presents itself with many facets. While the southwestern part of the state is counted to the extended New York City metropolitan area, the northern half has a distinctly rural character. Connecticut also offers varying perspectives for tourists. The scenery in the state’s East is marked by the rocky Atlantic coast, while further west, small and picturesque villages in a hilly, forested landscape form the picture.

The state’s economy is in large parts based on agriculture and commercial fishing, tourism and the heavy industry. In Connecticut, aircraft, submarines and industrial machines are being manufactured. The southwestern region, wedged between the New York state line and the coast, is one of the most affluent of the entire country. With Yale University in New Haven, one of the world’s most distinguished universities is also located here.

The Constitution State is regarded as a politically liberal state that mostly leans to the Democrats. Since 2008, Connecticut allows same-sex marriages. The state’s population has been growing continuously since 1790, but in a comparatively slow pace. Some 77% of residents are White, only about 10% are Black. Approximately 10% of Connecticut’s population was born outside of the country.



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